NEW designs - December 2017

We have been very busy !

SeriousKit is continually developing new gear & refining existing designs.

Clients frequently make suggestions or requests for gear.  So whether you are a professional studio or a private individual - we value feedback.  

Here are some new designs now in production, that will shortly be fully detailed on the website - but available for order now.  More designs in the ‘pipeline’. . . .

Email us for further information info@SeriousKit.com

Email us for further details info@SeriousKit.com

Two man SPT

Scrotal suction tube - mono polar

Bi Polar Nipple cylinders

Clit sucker - Bi polar

Harness with electro probe and electro stim rubber masturbation bag

Electro SPT with push fit 2nd Electrode

Converts from mono polar to bi polar

Open access SPT harness - with no T strap between legs.

Mono-polar polished aluminium  probes.  Standard, slim or

with fluid connection.  All with strap retention loops.

Bi Polar polished aluminium adjustable nipple tubes.  Harness and cables also available

Powerful vibrating vacuum tube

Dual motor Vibrating Two Stage SPT