The SeriousKit system is based around an iconic American Milking Machine that has been modified to work with our stainless steel & perspex suction / pulsation tubes (SPT).  The SPT is the ‘business end’ of the milker and has uniquely been designed to work as a wet system.  The standard SPT is lined with soft rubber that responds to the vacuum and receives a constant wet lubricant feed. The sensations of suction & pulsation felt through the wet lubricated rubber liner are quite exceptional.  The SPT is designed to be used hands free if required and has attachment points on the polished SS cap allowing it to be suspended over the penis. 

The kit comprises . . . .

Fully refurbished stainless steel milking machine with polished pulsator & lid. Connections for up to four SPTs or other vacuum accessories. Adjustable vacuum regulator fitted as standard. 

Stainless steel & Perspex SPT with ‘see through’ silicone liner & quick release vacuum connectors.   Choice of SPT size - 40mm or 50mm i/d

3m Twin  Vacuum Supply hose - red / clear PVC.  (Connects SPT to

milking machine)

5m vacuum pump to milking machine hose.

Lubricant reservoir and small bore silicone tube that supplies lubricant to the interior of the SPT.  

Sample powdered lubricant – sufficient to make 5 litres of lubricant.

Vacuum gauge with quick release connector


SPT bungee support kit - Adjustable length 4mm bungee cord with small pulley and stainless steel clip for SPT.  Used for supporting the SPT from above - enhances ‘bounce’. Recommended.    £18

Spare see-through silicone rubber liners available - £12 each or £30 for three.   Available in 32mm or 38mm diameter - and now also in XXX large 50mm diameter.

Conductive liners £25 each or £55 for three - will fit 40mm or 50mm SPTs.

Additional standard SPT – complete with liner and click fit connectors  £140

Additional 3m twin vacuum supply hose complete with control valves & quick release connectors in clear & red  £55.  Other lengths available on request.  See below for silicone rubber hoses in black, clinical white or bright red - £65

Additional lubricant supply system comprising blue reservoir bag (to hang up), supply hose with tube clamp & valved terminal, and separate quick release small bore silicone tube. £55

Additional 5m vacuum pump to milker hose - inc connectors.  £25

Vacuum gauge with quick release connector £54

Spare ‘easy seal’ milker lid gasket - translucent silicone.    £25

K - Lube powder - 200g  (Will make 200 + litres of lubricant)   £25

We endeavour to keep all milker components in stock and can usually put together a system within a few days.  Each system is configured specially, so can include any of the options or finishes listed below.

The system is versatile and has been designed to allow long term teasing / masturbation - for example while watching video or while in bondage. It can also be used for ‘forced’ repeat milking – it just keeps going . . . . . 

The system is particularly good for longer-term bondage sessions where the subject is going to be restrained for hours - perhaps with complex e-stim connections.  Due to the constant flow of lubricant (and any other fluids) - ‘subjects’ can be restrained without need of a bathroom . . . . . 

The SeriousKit milker has FOUR inlets allowing simultaneous use of SPTs and nipple suction cylinders by more than one person.  Or the pulsating vacuum suit & an SPT.

The SeriousKit SPT

Once the milker is turned on the SPT is ‘sucked into place’. The SPT will work on an erect or flaccid penis.  Each SPT has two quick release vacuum connectors – a smaller one for pulsation and a larger one for suction.  The click connectors allows for easy connection and swopping of SPTs.  Electro SPTs are also available

A separate vacuum pump is required to operate the milker.  We  keep a stock of new high quality 220/240v diaphragm vacuum / compressed air pumps for £385.  New or second hand vacuum pumps are also available on eBay - this is good for US customers needing 120v pumps.  Email us for links to 120v pumps.

Available in black or white

Can also be used with conventional hand pump vacuum tubes - just let us know the diameter

Custom re-finishing & hose options

We are regularly asked by clients to supply custom versions of the SeriousKit milker.  The modifications have included use of a ‘bright polished’ finish as well as various custom vacuum hose combinations, including black or white silicone rubber.

Custom fully polished bright finish

New diaphragm vacuum pump - 240v     £385

SeriousKit milkers - polished & standard finish

SeriousKit milker package - Bright polished finish £975

(We can also supply vacuum pumps if required)

Mann Melkmaschine

hombre-máquina de ordeño

machine à traire l'homme


القضيب آلة الحلب. نابضة شفط فراغ. واضح من المطاط SPT

Silicone hoses are available as an optional extra in black or clinical white. Silicone hoses are fitted with two control valves, push together connectors and a chrome & glass viewing chamber to monitor lubricant / fluid flow.  Add £10 for silicone hoses instead of PVC hoses

SPT Support harness   £95

The SPT is designed to be used “hands free” when lying flat or partially reclined - for example on a Gyno bench. In this position no harness is required.

The support harness enables hands free use when standing or kneeling.

The harness is designed to hold the SPT comfortably in position projecting forward. 

Milking Machines & attachments

SeriousKit milker package - Standard finish £900

(We can also supply vacuum pumps if required)

Email us for further details

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