SeriousKit products are designed to help you develop your play. 

21st century materials mean that our equipment is equally at home in a steamy wet room as in a traditional dungeon. 

Our designs utilise materials such as aluminium, silicone rubber & stainless steel so that you can play without limit. 

Our designs are unique to SeriousKit.

Pulsating latex rubber vacuum suit - for whole body wet suction. Complete with air tight stainless steel

estim cable & hose ports for advanced play. . . . 

Pulsating rubber vacuum hood

Programable timer control box - for vacuum suit or hood.

Vacuum milking machines – the real McCoy

“See through” silicone rubber liners

Electro stimulation SPTs  Cables & adaptors

Nipple suction equipment

Rubber harnesses

Contemporary dungeon equipment

See “New Designs” page

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We sell direct and ship world wide.