Harness with electro probe, perineum electrode and

electro stim rubber masturbation bag.  The harness enables wet rubber masturbation and sensual e-stim - at the same time !

Three electrodes allows a choice of contact - or Tri phase stimulation.

Available in black or white silicone.  Choice of probe - 15mm or 30mm diameter.  30mm probe available with fluid inlet - add £25.  Other probes available by arrangement.

The rubber masturbation bag can be fitted with a hose - add £5

Cables also available - 3.5mm jack to 2 x 4mm banana jack

Smooth silicone £18 or heavy duty coiled cables £38

Standard  T-Strap SPT / vacuum tube harness     £95

Available in black or white silicone. 

Email us for further details

New design with perineum electrode

Electro stim harness - with e-stim probe,

perineum electrode, and

electro stim rubber masturbation bag


Open access harness

The open access harness is ideal

for SPTs or conventional

vacuum tubes

Available in black or white


“Open access”

Choice of specification - see through or conductive rubber liners.

Either end can be different diameter - 30mm, 40mm or 50mm.

Prices from £245

Powerful vibrating vacuum tube

Two man SPT

Vibrating SPTs under development - keep checking our website for news

All SeriousKit harnesses are available in black or white

Polished aluminium perineum electrode with front or side connection.  Adjustable position

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